Mike Anderson Featured in Construction Executive Magazine

Bob Hegburg has mentored me throughout my entire career. In fact, I have him to thank for telling me about this job opening at Benfield Electric Co.

I worked for Bob back in 2000 at Zurich Insurance, where he was a risk engineer. (He now works for Construction Risk Solutions as the director of safety management.) He took me under his wing.

He not only showed me how to do the basics of my job, but he also ensured I knew how to execute everything the right way, and ultimately ensure the best outcome for a business’ safety and compliance.

I am able to incorporate Bob’s teachings about safety policies into the electrical service industry, and I can still go to him for anything, including any questions about trends in safety management and the latest information on safety policies.

It’s important to have industry colleagues to go to for advice because not one person knows it all. People think safety is a simple process, but you have to know many facets of the industry.

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