Does your electric panel need an upgrade? 

Your home’s electrical panel connects the external wires to your home’s electrical system. Where once a standard home needed only 50 amps to provide enough power, most modern homes now require 200 amps or more. Typically, good for at least 25 years, your electrical panel may no longer be equipped to keep up with the … Continued

5 reasons to upgrade to LED lighting

Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs have become the go to for many homeowners and contractors. As the superstar of the lighting world, they not only offer a wider range of versatility, but will save you time and money. Below are some of the reasons to make the switch.  1. LED lighting can transform your home!  … Continued

Are Space Heaters Safe?

half of all home heating fires occur during the months of December, January, and February. If you plan to use a space heater this fall, be sure to find a model that remains cool to the touch to avoid burn risk and invest in one with an auto shut-off feature in case the unit is tipped over or overheats. Turn it off and unplug your space heater before you leave the room or head to bed.

Back to School Safety Tips

Summer is over and it’s back to school time again but the “new normal” doesn’t always feel so normal for many of this year’s students. Whether the students in your home are back in their physical classrooms, returning to college dorms, or pursuing this fall’s studies from the kitchen table- here are a few practical … Continued

Four Reasons You Need to Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans Keep Your Indoor Spaces Cool While the installation of a ceiling fan alone won’t lower the temperature of your indoor space, it will help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. By circulating the air throughout your room, a ceiling fan helps distribute the cool air throughout your space. Ceiling Fans Increase … Continued

The Power of Panel Inspections

Attention ALL homeowners – do you know what a panel inspection is and why it’s important for the safety of your home? A panel inspection most likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re buying, maintaining or selling your house, but it should be! An electrical panel, also known as a panelboard … Continued

Love Your Space Heater, but Don’t Get Burned

LOVE YOUR SPACE HEATER, BUT DON’T GET BURNED If you’re like many people, you really, really love your space heater and electric blanket that keep you nice and toasty, even in the deep chill of winter. But each of these devices comes with serious risk, especially if not used exactly to manufacturer’s specifications. Read on … Continued

Deck the Halls in 8 (Safe) Steps

Deck the Halls in 8 (Safe) Steps Perhaps no one is better known for his commitment to excessive holiday decorating than Clark Griswold of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation fame. Two of the movie’s laugh-out-loud scenes include the Christmas tree going up in flames after Uncle Louis lights a cigar and Aunt Bethany’s cat being incinerated … Continued

Should You Invest in a Generator?

Answer These Five Questions to See if You Need a Standby Generator With the cost of quality, standby home generators starting around $7,500, purchasing one represents a serious investment for most homeowners. That’s probably why only a small percentage of homes have one in place. Yet when the lights go out, as they’ve done all … Continued