The Power of Panel Inspections

Attention ALL homeowners – do you know what a panel inspection is and why it’s important for the safety of your home? A panel inspection most likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re buying, maintaining or selling your house, but it should be! An electrical panel, also known as a panelboard or a breaker panel, is a vital component to your home’s electricity supply system. An electrical panel divides an electrical feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit.

Why is an inspection important?

Having a panel inspection helps prevent future problems with the panel and electricity in your home. With routine inspections, any defective conditions can be identified early on, and preventative maintenance is provided for future hazards.

What do electricians look for during a panel inspection?

During an inspection, your electrician looks for “hot spots” in a panel, which means places where the resistance is building up and creating heat – which could result in an electrical fire. Your electrician can also tell you if your panel has been taken off the market for any reason, which would make it a safety hazard until replaced.

When should I get a panel inspection?

A panel inspection should be done approximately every five years to ensure the safety of your panel and home. The inspection typically takes about 30 minutes and costs $99.

At Benfield Electric, we understand your home is a special place to you and your family, and we’re dedicated to making it as safe as possible. So, whether your selling, buying or simply just a concerned homeowner, call 410-879-1485 or contact us online to get your panel inspection done today!