Four Reasons You Need to Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans Keep Your Indoor Spaces Cool

While the installation of a ceiling fan alone won’t lower the temperature of your indoor space, it will help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. By circulating the air throughout your room, a ceiling fan helps distribute the cool air throughout your space.

Ceiling Fans Increase Energy Efficiency

Running your air conditioning unit is nearly a necessity in the incessant August heat which can also run up your energy bills this time of year. By installing a ceiling fan, your air conditioner can cool more with less energy, potentially saving you money on those energy bills.

Ceiling Fans Are Not Just For Indoors

Installing a ceiling fan on your covered outdoor patio or porch keeps the air moving, even on the hottest days. Adding a ceiling fan adds a welcome breeze to your outdoor spaces, making them more comfortable for use the rest of the summer season. 

Ceiling Fans Circulate Heat When the Temperature Drops

Fall is right around the corner, folks! And with that comes dropping temperatures. Using your new ceiling fan may seem like a spring/summer investment, but consider this – a ceiling fan can also help circulate warm air when you finally do turn the heat on. Since heat rises, reversing the direction of your ceiling fan and running it on the lowest setting helps to keep the warm air down, to where you need it most.

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