Does your electric panel need an upgrade? 

Your home’s electrical panel connects the external wires to your home’s electrical system. Where once a standard home needed only 50 amps to provide enough power, most modern homes now require 200 amps or more. Typically, good for at least 25 years, your electrical panel may no longer be equipped to keep up with the advancements of today’s ever-changing world.

Keep reading for signs that your electric panel may need an upgrade.

1. Your circuit breakers keep tripping.

Although they can be reset, if it happens continuously, the electrical current going to your panel may be too strong for it to handle resulting in frequently tripped breakers. 

2. Your lights flicker or dim when running an appliance. 

This is a result of too much demand being placed on the panel at once. An upgrade will be necessary to make your panel’s output match the usage your home requires. 

3. The panel is warm or has a burning smell.

Check your panel regularly for charring, rust, or anything melting. If there are any signs of fire or water damage, contact a certified electrician immediately. 

4. Your home doesn’t have enough outlets to support your needs. If you are constantly having to use power strips or looking for somewhere to plug in electronics, your home may not be set up for modern demands. 

5. You are planning home renovations or purchasing major appliances. 

Your panel may not be able to provide enough power to handle a finished basement or central air conditioning unit. Before updating your home, have your panel inspected. Your new area or appliance may only need a dedicated circuit. 

If you experience any of the issue listed above, it is most likely time for a panel upgrade. This will keep your home running efficiently and reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Call Benfield Electric today to schedule your inspection.