Aberdeen Proving Ground Gate 715

Aberdeen Proving Ground Gate 715

This project included major upgrades to the main entrance to the post. The existing gate and related facilities have become inadequate for the anticipated additional flow of traffic due to BRAC.

Working with Facchinna/HCI, the scope included all work necessary to relocate and upgrade this facility. Significant upgrades to the security system were installed including video monitoring, notification systems, and an active vehicular barrier. The project involved six new buildings; ID Check Canopy, Gatehouse, Search Office, Search Canopy, Overwatch, and Visitor Control Center. Additional underground electrical distribution was installed in support of the new C4ISR campus currently under construction.

Project Details

Project Type

Completed Commercial


United States Army Corps of Engineers




Jacobs Engineerings

General Contractor

HCI Baltimore/Facchinna


APG, Aberdeen, Maryland

Completion Date

December 2009